The MATANORTE’    (Size: 7X54)  Box Pressed

Flavor Profile:: MEDIUM Smooth

Wrapper: Matanorte’
Binder: San Andreas
Filler:  Matanorte’

The Matanorte’ is a worldwide one-of-a-kind cigar.  It could possibly be the most limited cigar on the planet. This particular leaf is only grown in Norte Brazil. Normal tobacco plants grow up to 9 feet tall. However, the Matanorte’ plant only grows to 3 feet tall.  This means that all the nutrients are channeled into a smaller package which makes for the most vibrant, flavorful, and most amazing smoking experience that we believe is available anywhere in the world.  This cigar comes as Boxed Pressed or Regular Rolled with the same blend for both. Viva Matanorte’!